Fostering Community Spirit – Anywhere!


Have you ever walked through a neighbourhood that was a little worse for wear or seemed to smack of disrepair? It really gives off a specific vibe, doesn’t it? Vibes that suggest the people in the community don’t really care about their community or how to better it, develop it or make it the best it can be. How do you show community pride? Why is it important? What kinds of things can be achieved when everyone gets together, mucks in and works to make your area the best it can be? Here’s a couple reasons why being an ambassador of community pride can be a great step forward to making the world a better place. Slater and Gordon Lawyers are all about community pride and can help you on your quest to making your community a more welcoming, vibrant place, so what are you waiting for?


When you tout #MyCommunityAndMe as almost a brand you’re willing to promote and fight for you might be surprised at the level of fantastic response you get. Not only that but communities all around the world are prime locations for bringing people together in an inclusive atmosphere to help everyone feel wanted and needed. Low income, poorer, underfunded areas of inner cities can be places that are often overlooked by governments and other organisations despite the often clear necessity to make changes in the area. Getting a group together to create community awareness, start working on community projects like litter clean ups, covering up graffiti or even getting some of the local artists together to create awesome inspirational pieces can be great ways to start getting everyone involved in the look of the community.


Community pride is a great way to provide opportunities to kids who may not have the chance to go to extracurricular activities outside of school. It works for adults and teens as well who may not have the opportunities to engage in expensive hobbies outside of their daily lives and so can fall through the cracks and get into things they shouldn’t be getting into. Community spirit can help bring the community together and get people into activities that help foster growth and positive experiences and relationships in both the young and the old.


It’s no secret that engaging people in a community to help understand the dynamics is a key way to begin to battle the social and economic issues that may be causing problems within the community itself. High crime rates, prostitution, drugs and the like can all be caught early and combated if the community has effective, engaging programs and assistance in place. Engagement of young people who are at risk or deemed vulnerable can help to mitigate issues earlier on, effectively stopping the cycle of problematic behaviour and ultimately helping to clean communities up and restore senses of pride in communities in the long term.

Of course not all communities have crime issues that need addressing though. Sometimes something as simple as starting a community garden can help everyone get to know their neighbours and bring a sense of pride and happiness into the community – anywhere in the world. So how will you foster community spirit and pride? There are so many ways to go about bringing some community love into the world, so how will you start?

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