Gems Of Dubai – Do Not Miss These Must Sees!


Dubai looks in so many ways like a city of the future; a city on the outskirts of the Arabian desert, with the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa, standing at 828 metres – Dubai is an example of how advanced engineering can create a bustling megacity out of the emptiness of the desert.

Take A Trip On A Dhow Cruise

The Dhow is the traditional boat that was used all the way from the red sea, through the Gulf Persia and all the way as far east as modern day Papua New Guinea. They are still sometime used, but diesel powered trawlers have more or less made them much rarer. Still, opting for a half day or full day’s cruise by the traditional dhow made of a wooden hull and a lateen sail is a great way to see what it was like back in the days where spice traders plied this route. For a lot more luxury there are massive modern ‘dhows’ that can allow you to enjoy the cool evening air whilst commanding exquisite views of the illuminated city skyline from the deck, while the dhow navigates Dubai’s many canals and waterways. A lavish dinner and entertainment is always included, which will certainly help you wind down and recuperate from your daytime activities, and you will rarely find someone who could turn down a dhow cruise dinner.

Safari Trips Of All Kinds

A trip into the Arabic Desert – which has been home to the Emiratis people for centuries – is simply a must-see activity. The Emirati will be your guides into this ancient desert, after you have got out of the Dubai city limits and into the red-yellow powdered sand dunes. They will feed you delicious traditional food as the stars come out, which far away enough from Dubai, will be a magical spectacular in it’s own right, unobscured from any light pollution. Your guides can help you go further into the desert or climb a nearby sand dune to get an even greater view of the night sky and you will likely be able to actually see the arm of the milky way galaxy. An unforgettable experience, especially for honeymooners is this special desert safari Dubai.

For Those Who Love Fishing

Fishing – particularly deep sea fishing – is often underrated in the Gulf around Dubai. But rest assured, because with plenty of barracuda, trevally, kingfish and cobia among numerous other tasty species, fishing here will satisfy even the most seasoned of fishermen.  Good fishing can be had just off the coast, or for some serious deep sea fishing you can take the boat out to 20 kilometres or more from the coastline of Dubai. Check with your hotel about booking fishing trips in Dubai and climb aboard to catch some prime types of fish, and getting them to cook your catch is usually not a problem!

Dubai is a remarkable feat of human engineering, and thanks to this you can do a safari into the ancient dunes one day, a fishing trip the next and then follow it up with a couple of hours of indoor skiing! Indeed, it’s probably possible to get all those done in 24 hours if you start early enough!

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