Great Options For Last Minute UK Breaks

Are you thinking about taking off for the weekend but you aren’t sure where to? Maybe you’ve left it a bit late and you’re scrambling about where to go for that last minute holiday, with most places being booked up or way too expensive for your budget. If you go on a last minute break you can sometimes run the risk of not getting the place you’re after, but that’s no worry. There are so many amazing places throughout the UK that can be just as great, if not better for a quick getaway. Here’s just a few of our favourites.


London is probably one of the most obvious places for a last minute break. With so many options for accommodation, activities and dining, it’s always a winner with most people – solo or couples and even families. With neat options for shopping like Spitalfields Market, Camden Town and Covent Garden, it’s the perfect getaway with the added option of hitting the shops and treating yourself. Sightseeing can be easy with the hop on/hop off buses that can take you around all the major attractions if you haven’t seen them before. For a real treat, why not try some of the posh and upscale dining or cocktail bars around One New Change at the heart of the city, with rooftop views over much of the city.


Bath is a wonderful city for last minute breaks. Not only is it beautiful with fantastic shopping and amazing options for dining from casual to very upscale and classy, but it’s got a whole host of unique things to see and do. Visit the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and take a break at Thermae Spa, built right near the Roman Baths themselves so you can swim in the same mineral rich waters the Romans did millennia ago. The museum of the Roman Baths is immensely interesting and will have you enthralled for hours. Afterwards, take a stroll through the outdoor shopping area of the city, home to many posh and high street style shops.


A gorgeous option for those who like the great outdoors, Snowdonia is home to beautiful scenery, varied hiking trails and walking routes and quaint villages that seem to be portals through time. Visit the village of Betws-y-Coed, reminiscent of some mountain villages in the likes of the alps or the Rockies of Canada, before hopping the bus out to Capel Curig – a small village set on a stunning lake with Snowdon overlooking it from the distance. You can then hop back on the bus to Snowdon itself, or if you’re not up for climbing the mountain, take the bus all the way to Llanberis where you can take the train all the way up to the summit. Book in advance though, as sometimes it can be full up and you might miss out.

The UK is awash with so many breathtaking areas that it’s impossible to put them all in one article. From the Lake District to the Peak District, the Scottish Borders, Scotland, and Yorkshire, the South West and the South Coast, there’s a number of areas you can explore that will leave you breathless – whether it’s a vacation planned well in advance or a last minute break, you’re in for a treat wherever you go.

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