How To Apply for A Tanzania Tourist Visa

Tanzania is an East African country. It is best known for its vast wilderness areas, national parks, safari, and Mount Kilimanjaro. There is definitely a lot to explore while you are here. And the best thing is that Tanzania is open to international travelers worldwide. All you need to do is apply for Tanzania visa online before you book your next flight to this amazing country. Here are a few things that you should know to apply for a Tanzania tourist visa without any hassle:

Electronic Visa

In November 2018, The United Republic of Tanzania introduced the e-Visa system. With this, the country now allows citizens to apply for a visa online and enter Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland. This has made the process extremely easy now. Previously, tourists could either get a visa upon arrival or apply in advance through their nation’s Tanzanian consulate. However, this process was time-consuming and not ideal for everyone. With the introduction of e-visa, the process has become a lot easier and more convenient for tourists.


For the majority of tourists, the cost of a Tanzanian tourist visa is $50 USD. For American citizens, the visa costs $100 USD. All you need to do is fill in the Visa application form and make a payment online on the Tanzania Immigration website. Once the application process is completed and your visa is approved, your visa will be sent to you through email.

However, there are a few exceptions as well. Citizens of some countries, such as various neighboring African countries, can enter Tanzania for free without a visa.


It usually takes around ten days to process the visa application. So, it is better to ensure you have enough time to receive your visa before your travel. But if you have already booked your tickets and are short on time, you will be required to obtain your visa upon arrival at the airport in Tanzania.

But also, do not apply for your visa too early. Your tourist visa application should not be completed more than three months before your scheduled travel dates. So, be sure that you have enough time for your visa application process.

Documents Required

For an ordinary visa, you would need the following documents.  

  •       A copy of your valid passport or travel document (biometric information page)
  •       A return flight ticket
  •       Duly filled in declaration form
  •       Paid 50 USD visa fee
  •       An online Health Surveillance Form

You would need additional documents for a multiple entry visa, such as a letter of invitation and a copy of a marriage certificate (if visiting spouse).

Also, be sure that you print all the confirmation pages and keep them handy. Once you arrive in Tanzania, usually at Julius Nyerere International Airport or Kilimanjaro International Airport, you will receive an official sticker on your passport that will act as proof of your tourist visa.

You can also consult an expert who will guide you through the entire procedure and ensure a hassle-free and convenient visa application process so that you can visit Tanzania and explore this stunning country in the best way possible.

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