How to Backpack Around India On a Budget

If you want to go travelling, India is a great country to immerse yourself in and travel around. With many cities to explore and great foods to try, travelers will love visiting India. If you wish to go backpacking around India, it is best to make a budget so you know how much money you have each day for food, accommodation and anything else you want to try whilst you are there!

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How Much Does Backpacking Cost in India?

India is a great place for travelers and is one of the cheapest countries to travel around. The amount you will spend per day all depends on where you stay and how you travel. You can stay in hostels for dirt cheap, and even some of the more upscale hotels are still much cheaper than you’d find in many other places in the world. Book hotels in Tirupati if you fancy treating yourself for the night to a shower and bed that you can starfish in.

Budget Tips

When backpacking, it is best to search for the best place to stay for the night. There are many apps that you can use to find the best deals, and sometimes it is best to ask the locals or find some like-minded travelers! Remember, you do not need to rush seeing all the sites and joining in with tours, India isn’t going anywhere. You may want to work for a few days to get some money behind you depending on what you want to do and see. The best way to travel around is to do short distances at a time, as long-haul travel can be the costliest, especially overnight buses and trains. Don’t forget there is plenty of sightseeing that can be done for free.

Split the Bill

Although you may wish to travel alone in India, travelling with someone will be better for both of you. Travelling with a partner or friend is a good way to split food bills, accommodation bills and taxi fares. If you have nobody you know that wants to go travelling, it may be worth going to events to meet backpackers and then travel together. It is also safer to travel in pairs, at least, to ensure that nothing happens when you are alone. There are sites to find backpackers to travel with, where you can talk before you meet up. Who knows, you may end up finding a lifelong friend. If you do not travel with someone, ensure you always let someone know where you are and never get into an unmarked taxi or go somewhere with a stranger. If you are meeting up with someone, do it in a public place to start with. When backpacking in India, have fun but remember to stay safe!

India has many great things to do and lots of places to see that other countries do not offer. Try and make a budget of what you are trying to spend each day, but remember some days you may spend more or less.

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