How To Bullet Proof Your Fitness When On The Road

Staying fit and healthy is hard enough when at home, let alone on the road. If you’re on a big trip, then you don’t want to take a step backward when it comes to your health goals. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to stay on track, even when hopscotching from destination to destination.

Develop A Routine At Each New Stop

Hopping from city to city, or even country to country, can play havoc with your routine. When you do arrive at a new destination, you should try to establish a routine as quickly as possible and then start adding in your exercising habits. For example, it’s hard (or even impossible) to go to the gym at 10 am every day when you’re constantly traveling. However, once you settle into a location, you will find it a lot easier.

Master Some Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are great because they can be done pretty much anywhere. That’s why you should learn a few exercises so that you can work out regardless of where you are. Pushups pull-ups, and ab exercises are good starting points.

Use A Gym App

If you’re a gym junkie and you find yourself in a foreign city without a membership, then don’t worry. There are apps to solve this issue, such as POPiN. These apps give you access to gyms in the area without the need for a membership, and they are often cheaper than purchasing a day or week pass.

Control Your Partying

When traveling, you’re likely to be always meeting new people and maybe getting a lot of offers to go have a drink. When you arrive at a new destination, it can be tempting to fall into partying mode. However, this is an easy way to destroy your health (and your bank account!). Try not to let the excitement of traveling cause you to overdo it.

Drink Water!

Planes trips, crowded buses, and long car rides can cause you to get dehydrated quickly. This can be made even worse if you regularly consume coke or energy drinks. The key is to simply drink lots of water.

Stock Up On Snacks

When you’re busy traveling it can be all too easy to miss meals and then suddenly find yourself binging at MacDonalds. That’s why you should do your best to keep some snacks at hand when on the road: muesli bars, fruit, and nuts are good options.

If You’re Going To Diet, Then Keep It Simple

When you’re traveling, you don’t want to commit to a complicated diet. It will simply be too hard to stick to. Rather, you should pick something simple (you may want to visit to learn about the HCG diet).

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your fitness deteriorate while you’re traveling. It may be a bit more challenging. However, you can still stay on track to meeting your health goals. Fitness and travel can slot together if done right.

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