How to Camp Comfortably in Your Car


There are many reasons people decide to camp in their car, from the weather not being permitting enough to stay outside, to giving the kids a first-time experience camping before doing it outside, or some choose to adapt their car space and turn it into a small RV. Whatever reason you decide to camp in your car, there are ways to ensure that you are comfortable and safe whilst doing so. Here are the best ways:


Sleeping in your car in some places is actually considered illegal and if you do not want a rude awakening from the police in the night, it is best to find out where you can park and camp where you will not be disturbed. AllStays is a great app that lets you know where you can park in and around the area you wish to camp in. There are free locations and paid ones if you want to be surrounded by nature or by others, the choice is yours. Parking on a flat surface is recommended, and being in the shade is the safest to avoid your car and you overheating on a warm day.


One of the benefits of sleeping in your car is that you do not have to haul sleeping bags and pillows around with you to your tent or campsite. This means that you can go all out and make yourself as comfortable as possible. If you can take the seats out of your car, do so. The more room you have, the more comfortable your stay will be, especially if there is more than one of you! Be as comfortable as possible and take everything you have in your house that will ensure that you have the best sleep possible. Duvets, blankets, sleeping pads and pillows are essential.

Making Your Car Camp Worthy

If you want to make your car into a permanent mini RV, there are ways to do so. If you are in to all things cars, check out what someone did to this Honda Civic Hatchback Twin Turbo. Taking out the back seats is a good start in making your car into a place to sleep and camp. You should also bring a mini fridge with food and drinks. Don’t forget the basic safety essentials such as a first aid kit and a torch. It is also worth buying something to cover your windows during the night to avoid the natural light waking you up and so the sun doesn’t overheat your car. Ensure that you have your sunroof or your windows cracked to prevent condensation; there is nothing worse than waking up with water droplets hitting your face whilst the car turns into a sauna.

Sleeping in your car could be beneficial if you cannot afford your own RV and you are not ready or cannot camp outdoors. This is also a great way to introduce camping to your children if they aren’t ready to spend the night outside in a tent yet.

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