How to Decide on Your Next Holiday Destination

The world is at our fingertips in this century. Combine improving tourist infrastructure with cheap international flights and disposable income for many families, and you find yourself with virtually the whole world as your oyster for travel. As such, it can be rather difficult to know where to key off to next. Spoiled for choice, sometimes we need a little guidance to help us narrow down our options – or inspiration to help us choose with wholehearted excitement where we’ll be traveling to next. Below are some ideas to get you booking your flights with gusto.

Rising Stars

Some of the world’s best places to visit are only just emerging into the tourist market, and they’re some of the cheapest to visit too. You can find special deals and almost irresistible prices on certain flights from city to city – flights that would ordinarily cost you double the price. One of your best bets is to head to some of the following up and coming destinations.


This southeast Asian gem is a must-see for anyone looking to see a country in its raw, yet-to-be fully touristed state. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy the marvels of the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, while planning your trips down the coastline of this magnificent country in search of vacant beaches, incredible remote jungles – and some of the world’s most underrated cuisine. You can also galivant through a world of cultural products thanks to web pages that offer tourist souvenirs at a glance. This is a wonderfully unique way of finding the kind of colorful and eccentric foreign cultures that you can’t wait to go and experience.


Slovenia has become a popular choice for tourists looking for a beautiful country to head to in Europe. It is fairly cheap once you are in the country, and with breathtaking scenery, mountains, caves, and castles to discover, it is easy to see why it is a rising star.


Vietnam has become exceedingly popular with travelers and tourists alike due to its welcoming people, stunning scenery and cheap lifestyle. It is easy to explore and stay in Vietnam, as prices are so low, meaning you are free to explore as much or as little at your heart’s content. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Halong Bay are popular destinations, the latter being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Google Maps

Where once the great adventurers of the past would twirl a globe with a twinkle of lust for travel in their eye, the modern digital equivalent is certainly heading onto Google Maps to scroll around a world that you can scrutinize with unprecedented accuracy. Take an exploratory gander across the continents you one day wish to see, zooming in on those countries, cities, and landmarks from above to see which inspires you.

Ask Travel Agents

Travel agents are becoming less and less relevant in an era that’s seen the rise of flight comparison websites, and other holiday advisory websites. If you’re looking for specialist industry knowledge, though, you may just find that your local travel agent has some tips based on preferences you give.

Blogs and Travel Sites

The internet is a wonderful resource for deciding upon which countries you might like to visit in your traveling career. You’ve got countless blogs to scour through, as well as travel sites where breath-taking photography can offer you an insight into every destination on the planet. You should find their tips help narrow down your search.

After reading through this list, you’ll hopefully have some new methods to help you find your next exciting holiday destination for your vacation period in 2019 – and a top tip for this year’s best tourist destination.

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