How to Organize a Group Camping Trip

After a mundane year, a break becomes imperative. Well, a break could be a flamboyant tour to some fancy place or simple camping for a  brief period. You can go for solo-camping trips to disconnect yourself from the stressful life which you get forced into. It gives you a chance to ponder over your emotional space, create and recreate memories and also helps you reconnect with nature. However, camping is also a great way to reconnect with friends, loved ones or even co-workers.  Now, there are various things which need to be taken care of while planning a group camping trip. For instance, talking about transportation you can go for bus rental options for groups of all sizes. Here are some of the things which you should keep in mind while planning a group camping trip.

Choose campground wisely:

Choosing the right campground is a must. There are two types of campgrounds, private and public. Both of them have their share of advantages and disadvantages. However, the most important thing here is to find the right campground. Find a campground which accommodates the needs of your group. Also, think about things such as whether you will be putting up in a tent or a camper or RV. Some campgrounds are tent friendly. Plus if you are camping with a coterie of people who are pretty finicky and particular about their needs, for instance, they want a toilet or a makeshift washroom, you will need to be more specific. For that, you have campground guides. When you are with a group you need to come to a collective decision. So be specific about the campground you choose. There are some people who like to rough it up, they can do away with a washroom or a bathroom. In such cases choosing a campground becomes easier.

Choose Group Transportation:

How large is your group? Do you want to do the driving yourself? Or would you prefer to rent a bus with a driver? These are some of the concerns which you should take into consideration while zeroing in on the mode of transportation you want to opt for. Renting a charter bus is not a bad idea for starters. It makes your job easy and also comes across as a cheaper option. However, you can also go for cab rental services. Camp guides would you be able to give you a better insight in this front.

Map Out Your Route:

Having a clear picture of the routes you will cover is very important. You will surely have your set of primary routes. But then you should also have your backup routes handy. Plus virtual maps such as google maps also come handy. However, there are times when technology serves to fulfil your purpose. In such a case you should have a map read.

Plan Distractions for the Trip:

You’ll need more than just playlists and radio to keep you entertained between stops, so pack your favourite books and games. Board games and camping trips make for quite an exciting trip.

Important gears:

Having all the important gears handy is a must. To start off make sure all you have sleeping bags, sheets, pillows, camping mats, air mattresses. In your miscellaneous list, do not forget to add trash bags, toothbrushes, toothpaste, first aid kit, warm clothes, water bottles, napkins, paper soaps and towels.

Now that you have all the camping mantras, pack your bags and get set go for one hell of a camping trip with your group. Camping is adventurous, so make the most it. Last but not least, be careful and let loose.

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