How to Stay Entertained During Long Journeys

If you are an avid traveller, then you will often find yourself on long journeys that can sometimes take more than a day to complete. During this time, you may be at a loss for what you can do to help you pass the time. There is only so much sleep you can get when you are sitting upright, or when you are on a tumultuous journey. For many people, this can be what puts them off about traveling, but there is luckily a multitude of activities you can participate in when you are stuck on a long journey. These activities will not only make the journey go quicker but add something special to your trip.

Read an adventure book

Reading any book will help you stay relaxed as travel around, but having an adventure story open will evoke feelings of excitement in you. Those which are based on real-life travel experiences are also great to read. When you are on your way to a new place, this can help you feel as if you are living a life as exciting as the book you are reading, but it will also add some fun to a journey that seems lifeless. To stop yourself from getting motion sick while reading, find short stories which you can consume in bitesize chunks, or bring a good pair of headphones and swap your music for an audiobook. While Amazon is usually the first place people go for books, don’t’ forget about your local bookstore in your hometown or at your travel destination. These can have hidden gems you’d never think to look for online and will give you a mini adventure inside your main journey!

Learn a new language

Travelling around the world will open your eyes to many new cultures, where you will quickly learn that most people don’t know English. It means that it is both respectful and practical to learn parts of a new language before you arrive at your next destination. Although it is impossible and unnecessary to learn an entire language in such a short space of time, you can take along a basic vocabulary book or mobile podcast to help you take note of the vital words.

Write about your surroundings

Travel writing and travelling go hand in hand. When you are busy exploring new settings after you reach them, it can make it difficult to keep track of memorable events to write home about or keep as a personal memoir. The only time you might get to write in is on long journeys, so keep a pen and notepad with you always.

Play online games

Sometimes, people need mindless fun to relieve them of the stress from travelling. You may want to write or read, but your brain could be too exhausted to learn yet not tired enough to let you sleep. This is where online games become your best friend. Even better are casino games, such as those on Unibet, where you can earn some extra pennies to fund your travels as you relax.

Look to the past

Lots of people travel solo, but many choose to travel in big groups or with another person. In these cases, it’s a good idea to make the most of their company by talking and entertaining each other. For times when battery and energy are running low, playing a game like I-Spy, or having a small travel pack of board games is a great way to break up a journey.

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