Karachi: The financial hub of Pakistan


Karachi is the 6th most populous city in the world and is the capital of the Sind province of Pakistan. It is the financial and industrial hub of the country which signifies the importance of it for them. The heritage of the city lies in its birth in 1729. The partition of British India actually let to the multiplicity of its population due to the sudden growth of economic conditions. Karachi, actually had a thriving nightlife in the 70’s, but it is not the scene right now. A lot of refugees from different countries reside in Karachi to the bad situations in their places.

Karachi actually has the busiest airport in Pakistan, the Jinnah International Airport. It is well connected to all parts of the country as well as in the international level. You will get several Dubai to Karachi flights on a daily basis due to their good connections. The airport is well connected to the Asian and American countries as well.

Karachi is a fairly new city but it still has the reminiscent of the colonial times. It also holds an important part in the history of Pakistan. So, let us see some places that tourists should visit in Karachi:

  • Cape Monze Beach: Karachi is situated near the sea, so you can actually enjoy the beaches. This beach is unique as you get to enjoy the cliff situated by the sea. People generally sit on the cliff and enjoy the dark blue sea. You can also spot some marine animals from the top.
  • Turtle Beach: Turtles are important to the ecosystem of the sea. As we know some turtles lay their eggs in the sand. In the turtle beach, you can see the spectacular scenery of baby turtles running towards the sea. You definitely need to visit Karachi in the winter days to see the turtles laying the eggs.
  • Quaid-e-Azam House Museum: This museum is dedicated to Pakistan and its formation. So, if you are in the mood to do a research or know more about the movement, then do visit this museum. Along with that the actual building the houses the museum is a spectacular piece of colonial architecture.
  • Frere Hall:The partition of the two countries is still fresh. This hall was constructed in 1865, so it actually reminds us of a time when India was undivided. The building is now serving as a library and an art gallery. You can get inside the building and admire the thoughts of the people of that age. The design of the building was done by Henry Saint Clair Wilkins.
  • The Chaukhandi Tombs: This is entirely different from other spots that you will find in Pakistan. The site actually served as catacombs during the 15thand 18th The work done on the buildings is intricate and precise. Currently, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We should give due respect to Karachi and the whole of Pakistan. The city is beautiful and along with that, you will feel amazing when you visit this hospitable and peaceful place.

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