Kiddies´Packing List For a Family Camping Trip

When you go away on a camping trip with the family, it is very important that you place a lot of attention on what you are packing in your kids bag, so that they can have the best time possible. It is worth remembering that most camp spots aren’t very close to shops and malls should you forget anything so the key really is in the planning.

Now, you will obviously have already considered all of the camping equipment and your own items, so now it is time to look at what the kids are taking away. If I have learned one thing from going camping with the kids, it is not to let them pack their own bag. Doing this will result in zero clothes and 100% toys and games, and that is speaking from experience! If you are planning a family camping trip, here is what you need to include for the little ones.

Clothing Options

Make sure that you know what kind of weather you are packing for before you start putting clothes together. Even if you are going to a location that is hot during the day, you may find that the temperature can really bite at night so make sure that you have fleece options for your child. Waterproof coats and trousers should also be packed but generally speaking your will want plenty of shorts and t-shirts for your trip. It is worth noting that skin dries faster than fabric so even if ether is some rain, your kids will still be better in less clothing.


Kids are going to be on their feet way more than usual so ensure that you have packed solid footwear, and many pairs of them. Kids can dirty shoes in no time at all when camping and the last thing that you want is them wandering round with wet or muddy shoes.

For The Little Ones

If you plan on taking young children away, you really need to be on your game in terms of packing for them. Make sure that you have all that you need to keep your young child comfortable, well controlled in terms of temperature, and that you have plenty of things to keep them entertained.


Kids can get dirty just about anywhere in the world but you can times the probabilities by 100 when you go camping. With this in mind, it is important that you are loaded up with alcohol gel and baby wipes. Kids can pick up all kinds of things when they go camping and given that there is no shower on hand, you need to ensure that you are well prepared with personal hygiene products for your children.


Finally you should start thinking about entertainment and how you will keep your child interested during their trip. I have found binoculars to be one of the best things to take away with you, they are perfect for stargazing as well as wildlife spotting. Make sure that you throw some balls into the car before you go and spend some time thinking up games to keep the kid’s interest peaked.

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