Last minute breaks: 4 tips to make it happen

Last-minute breaks are still a big deal – but they need to be done in the right way. Leave it too late, and any supposed cost/benefits are immediately out of the window.

This is what we are going to focus on today, as we take a look at four tips which can make sure the traditional last-minute break is still efficient.

Flexibility is key

We’ll talk around flexibility from a dates perspective shortly, but there is far more to this than just when you travel. The type of vacation that you are heading on is always important and while you might be craving the sun, sea and sand variety, there are lots of other great options – perhaps something like a golf break at somewhere like the Belfry, or a road trip across Scotland?

First choices are difficult to get when it comes to last minute breaks – so try and be smart with the options you have available to you.

The mid-week hack

Sure, you might want to travel on a Friday evening and come back on a Sunday. Or, try and encompass two weekends in your trip to reduce the amount of annual leave you are using up.

Unfortunately, you’re in the same boat as everyone else. Everyone is trying these tricks, and it means that the chances of netting a cheap last-minute break along these lines is low.

Instead, look for mid-week dates. The competition here is far less fierce, and you have much more chance of netting a good deal.

Look at the lesser-known airports

If you have taken the decision to jet abroad, this is where you again might have to tap into the F-word that we have been talking about through today’s piece (it’s flexibility, of course).

You might have an airport on your doorstep, but there’s a chance that everyone is looking at this. Instead, don’t be afraid of looking further afield. For example, in the UK, the school holidays in England and Scotland sometimes fall slightly differently. It means that if school holidays exist in England, they might not be on in Scotland. From a cost perspective, choosing an airport in the opposite country can make a monumental difference to the total amount you are paying.

Package deals can be your best friend

As we all know, package holidays aren’t for everyone. However, when it comes to last minute breaks where cost savings are the principal aim, this is something that you should consider. Trying to find a combination of flights, accommodation, car hire and everything else at a knock-down, last minute rate is nigh-on impossible. However, a last-minute package deal can resolve all of this, and mean that you have bought your entire holiday at a much lower price than the DIY approach would have ever provided.

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