Must To Do Tours in Dubai

As everybody knows, Dubai is a big city with multiple kinds of attractions one can visit. There are things from shopping centers to desserts to majestic buildings. It is filled with different destinations that represent the Middle Eastern culture with the perfect blend of modern and old civilization of Dubai. Dubai is mostly known due to the natural attractions such as Desert Safari and luxurious shopping centers.

Wondering what’s more in Dubai than Safari and shopping? Well, there are indeed multiple ways to spend your time in Dubai as it will never disappoint you and will give you a time of a lifetime. If you are one of the people who have already booked a flight to Dubai or are planning to go, then this will guide to spend your vacation in all the best places to tour in Dubai. So fasten your seat belts because it is going to be a long but fun ride.

Following are the must to do tours in Dubai that can one can engage in:

Skiing in Mall of the Emirates

If you are visiting Dubai right now, then you should visit the mall of the Emirates in Dubai, which is located on the Zayed road of Dubai. This is an attraction made for people to enjoy the winter any time of the year. This is vastly covering a location that is spread around twenty-two thousand square meters and has almost six thousand tones of snow. Not to mention that the snow there is imported and is real. There are different levels you can enjoy and slopes you can enjoy which can drop down to four hundred meters. Both, elders and younger people can enjoy this destination without any issues because there is something for everyone. So go and enjoy this beautiful yet adventurous destination and go on rides and sip some delicious hot choco there.

The Kite Beach Dubai

This is also a place where people can enjoy their stay. The kite beach is located at Umm Suqeim which is behind the Road junction of Al Manara. This destination will give you the chill vibes of Miami in Dubai. The temperature here is very cool as compared to other parts of Dubai, which is why it has a pleasant feel to it. The whole area is covered with white sand and is the capital of kite surfers. This area also has a lot of other activities such as volleyball, table tennis, beach bowl, and other activities. If you do not like to participate in these kinds of activities, you can simply enjoy the nature and cool weather here. Moreover, you can also go for a long walk around the white beach and enjoy the sight of beautiful Dubai. A lot of people tend to go for different sources to accommodate places like this, such as Dhow Cruise and other multiple sources.

Turtle Rehabilitation Jumeriah

This is located near the Tortuga restraints and Al Muna, which represent the exotic wildlife with its versatile display. This is under the supervision of the Dubai wildlife protection office. The project is also known as the DTRP by civilians of Dubai, which started with a good cause in 2004. If you are someone who loves nature and wildlife, you need to visit this place. You will be pleased by the way people are trying to make species of animal survive. Do not miss out on this place at all.

This can be a fun trip for people of any age. There are a variety of creatures displayed in a friendly environment. This rehabilitation houses a lot of beautiful animals, approximately around five hundred and sixty types and breeds. For people who adore sea creatures, this is the place where they can see those creatures very closely. You can also feed these lovable creatures and interact with them as well. The other thing that will result in a pleasing experience is the “turtle release,” where various turtles are shown to people. All the creatures that are shown are of various breeds and tend to look a lot different than others. The people are also provided with books with all the information regarding these creatures.

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