No Kids, No Problem, Why Going to Disney With Adults is Awesome

It is true that the majority of tourists who go to Disney World resorts are accompanied by the whole family, generally with young kids. it is also true that the biggest fans of Disney movies and  memorabilia are the children, but this does not mean that going to Disney World without kids is not acceptable. In fact there are many groups of adults who make the journey to Disney World and have a great time, and you should know that if the kids aren’t with you, you can actually enjoy this experience a lot more. If you want to go to Disney World and the kids aren’t around, here is why you will still enjoy it, perhaps even a little more than when they are with you.


Hitting the Disney theme parks for a couple of days can be a costly affair and it is not just the entrance fees which will make your eyes water. The cost of food and snacks in the park is pricey not to mention that the kids will want every hat, t-shirt and teddy bear that they see. When you are with your partner or going with a group of friends the price is so much cheaper than if you go with the whole family. Get the best prices on Walt Disney World tickets by looking online, save money there and save money because the kids aren’t around.

Tick All Boxes

When you take the kids to a place like this it is all about them in terms of which rides you go and where you go, and rightfully so as most families take the kids so that they can have a great time. When you are here alone however you can go on whichever ride you want, as many times as you want. You will have so much more freedom and you can also focus on the extreme rides which are more suitable for adults. No more waiting outside for your little girl to finish up with the Disney princesses which they have been waiting in line for an hour to see, without the kids you can get straight to the heart of the action.

Lighter Load

By the afternoon of a trip to Disney with the family you are going to be like a carthorse, lugging around bags of food, drink sand snacks, new clothing as well as the kid’s stuff because they can no longer carry it. We do this of course because we want our kids to have the best time, but it can be annoying. Without the kids there will be no lugging multiple bags around, you will have your own stuff and that will be it. Lighter load and an easier life under that to sunshine.

Ultimately without the kids you can see more, do more and save a huge amount of money on a trip to Disney World, why not give it a go sometime!

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