Popular Properties for Sale in Los Angeles

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Search and Find Real Estate in Los Angeles

The most popular properties for sale in Los Angeles are the ones who bring the most attention to the market. For example, a home owned by an actress or actor, a recently remodeled mansion owned by a studio producer, a home owned by a major player in the movie business, or a major movie studio would be hot property. Buying in Los Angeles is a lot about having lots of space, a beautiful view along Malibu, or up in the foothills of Bel Air. The real estate agents are happy to show you many stylish homes that have recently gone on the market such as a celebrated actress who recently sold her home to purchase and move into Roy Disney’s (co-founder of Disney and brother to Walt Disney) home which recently went up for sale. Realtors in Los Angeles are a close-knit community, and when a property goes on sale, one or two companies are usually the ones who have the property ready for the next buyer.

Hot Celebrity Realtors

For example, The Altmann Brothers Team, Redfin, Hilton & Hyland, and Nourmand & Associates, who all specialize in celebrity homes, have listings on their websites. Here we are given an example by drawing upon the Altmann Brothers Team. They always have over 70 multi-million dollar homes listed for sale on their website. Anyone seeking the home of a celebrity will be looking at real estate investors Los Angeles. Los Angeles proper presently has over forty mega million properties for sale with Beverly Hills coming in second with sixteen properties. Having a realtor with properties in both cities would be a wise move for anyone looking for a home in the greater Los Angeles area. The same locations come up again and again: Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Hollywood, Toluca Lake, and Redondo Beach. For the last 20 homes sold by The Altman Team, eight were located in Beverly Hills ($11-20 million), seven ($11-18 million) located in Los Angeles.

Popular Places to Move

Of the significant celebrity homes for sale by the most popular Los Angeles realtor, 40 properties are Los Angeles listings, with a range from ($1-78 million), 16 are located in Beverly Hills zip codes ranging from ($3-56 million), and Pacific Palisades has five listings ($1-12 million). Los Angeles homes are a real hot item today. One of the reasons why these properties are so popular is because of the locations, from Anaheim to Culver City. This is where many of the major studios are located. Another consideration is that these homes are also close to earthquake zones, which doesn’t seem to affect their prices or their listings very much. The most expensive listings are in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Also, the least expensive listings are also listed in Los Angeles, which gives you an idea of the full range of real estate properties in the Los Angeles area.

Location, Location, Location

For persons looking for real estate, one of the primary concerns is the location. Much like a movie set, persons wanting to get into the city wish to have easy access to the studios where most work. Access from the 10 and the 405 freeways, though they are four lanes coming and going, are constant bumper to bumper traffic from 6:30 a.m. throughout the day. To get anywhere in the city during heavy traffic will take 45 minutes to an hour to travel less than 5 miles. Traffic crawls at peak periods. Residents who don’t live on the campuses only have two choices. First, leave very early, before 6:30 a.m., and get to their destination sooner or deal with the bumper to bumper traffic. Persons searching for celebrity homes can still purchase a home in Los Angeles and be close to a studio.

Joining an REIA is an Excellent Idea

Joining a real estate investment association is a must for any real estate agent. As an agent, you want to be in touch with the best real estate deals. Celebrities can drop their homes at any time, and those realtors who have the right connections and person on their waiting list will be the first persons they contact. One of the more popular REIAs in Los Angeles is LA South REIA. This association has its pulse on the changing real estate scene in Los Angeles and can lead any real estate agent or buyer in the direction they are looking. Also, if you plan to go apartment hunting, it is recommended to have a copy of the Los Angeles Times since properties are frequently listed there. Additionally, the Hollywood Reporter is a place celebrities like to place ads about the sale or purchase of a home.

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