Preparing Your Lawn Mower for Spring Cleaning

Lawn mowing is one of the spring chores that you probably have to add to your do list. In preparation for spring, you need to get all your equipment in the right condition to avoid a last-minute rush to the repair or equipment store to get a new machine. Like every machine, a lawnmower needs to be given the right amount of attention for it to function optimally for a long time.

This article is focused on some of the things you may need to do to prepare your lawn mower for the spring cleaning exercise.

Clean under the lawnmower

Being a part of outdoor equipment, most people tend to neglect the need to clean them regularly. After use, they are probably kept in the storage room or basement. Cleaning the machine will help you get rid of logged grass cuttings and dirt from the previous job. Keep the machine off as you clean it, and remember not to use sharp objects when getting old grass or dirt from the mower as this may cause a scratch, causing rusting to take place.

Change the machine’s oil.

Both push and drive lawn mowers need their oil to be changed and topped for them to function effortlessly. This exercise is something you need to do at least once or twice annually. To change the machine’s oil, you need to remove the drain plug and empty out the old oil before replacing it with new oil and replacing the plug. This is a simple process that generally does not need you to go to the repair shop. Most lawn mowers come with a manual. You can go through and learn this process.

Check on your Spark Plugs

Any sign of rust or corrosion is an indication that you need to replace the spark plugs on your mower for you to get the best service. If there is no rust or corrosion on the plugs, you still need to regularly remove them and clean them properly for the mower to function optimally. Removing them comes with a catch. When replacing them, ensure you fit them correctly, or else your lawnmower may not serve you well. If your lawnmower is used regularly, especially during summer and spring, you need to have a regular maintenance check-up for the spark plugs.

Sharpening the blades

Over time the blades of your lawn mower can become blunt, making them ineffective when cutting grass. You can either decide to sharpen them on your own or go to the nearest hardware store to get a neat job done on your blades. Carefully check the blades to see if they are in good condition. If they are chipped or damaged, make it a priority to replace them with new ones.


You also need to check on the belts of your mower and ensure there are no signs of rotor cracking. If there are any faults with the belts, replace them immediately if you want your mower to work properly.

Check on the blade height.

With all the mechanical components in check, you now need to focus your attention on the performance by looking at the blade height. Low blades many times cause weakening and tear in the grass. For better results, you need to ensure that your mower blade is at least one inch. However, this length varies depending on the types of grass planted on your lawn and the specific method you use when mowing.

Buying or leasing a new one

This is not part of preparing your lawn mower but is rather preparing yourself for the entire lawn mowing. Your mower has probably served you for a long time and can no longer perform optimally; it is best to go an upgrade on the new and improved versions like a residential zero turn mower for better results.

Spring cleaning involves the general cleaning process of your entire household, do not concentrate on the inside and forget about the exterior. Take your time and ready your mover to get a lawn capable of starting a conversation with your neighbors.

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