Road Trip Prep – What To Do And Where To Go


Road trips are always a fantastic way to get out and see the world – with so many routes to take, options for length and difficulty and places to check out along the way it’s easy to see why road trips have a continued air of desire that keeps people coming back for more. Road trips have always been that kind of trip that you get together with a couple of great friends and hit the road, perhaps destination unknown to explore and get experience in new and wonderful places. Sometimes the whole part of the fun is the preparation like hitting up your local Kwik Fit before heading out. So what should you make sure to do before you hit the road? Where should you go? Check out our ultimate tips for great road tripping in Europe.


The top things to make sure you have prepared before any road trip is general maintenance on your vehicle. This includes things like doing oil checks and changes, filling up the petrol and checking tire pressure. You might consider filling up a jerry can with petrol as well so you don’t run into any unexpected issues with fuel on the road as sometimes you can be so into the moment you forget to check the basics! It happens. Other things you might want to consider are what to pack, snacks, and of course your route!

Which Route?

Europe is filled with numerous amazing routes for road trips and you might pick a route depending on how much time you have at your disposal. A week is usually sufficient to do shorter routes in the likes of Ireland or the UK – The Ring of Kerry being a popular option for Ireland which takes you around small villages and towns in the county of Kerry in the south west, filled with amazing views of mountains, lakes and is near enough to the coast to add a couple days beachside to the itinerary. The UK is home to a number of fantastic routes such as the Yorkshire Dales and even the Lake District. For something truly stunning though, head to Scotland and do the loop of the Isle of Skye for some of the most breathtaking scenery you can find in the whole of the UK. Further afield though in the likes of mainland Europe a popular road trip is touring one or two of the wine regions of France, Italy and Germany (or maybe all three!) and stopping off overnight to enable yourself to enjoy the spoils of vineyards featuring accommodation. Perfect right?

Take It Easy

One of the most enjoyable parts of a road trip is just slowing down and really taking in the scenery. Stop for roadside coffees, enjoy that sunset on that random beach. Just take it slow and be sure to savour the freedom of the open road.

So whether you’re only just starting to think of great options for this summer’s getaway or you’re on the hunt already for great ideas, consider a road trip. You won’t regret it and will have stories to enjoy for years to come.

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