Road Tripping Australia – What You Need To Know


Thousands of people go on road trips across Australia each year, and it’s especially popular with younger crowds who might have just finished university or who have decided to take a gap year before starting. Often, however, these younger people decide to buy a second hand van or car for their adventures across Australia, and although that often pays off in the long-term, some will inevitably come across mechanical issues on the older cars, or even newer rental cars if they decide to just rent a newer model car for their journey.

A Mechanic For All

Unfortunately, many younger drivers will lack the mechanical skills and knowledge that they will need to know if they experience breakdowns or any other kind of mechanical fault on their car or van. They may find themselves stuck in the middle of the outback and will in this case maybe have to wait several hours or even a couple of days before someone comes along and finds them to help. This can really ruin trips and can be an unpleasant experience in it’s own right. This is where Mobile Mechanics comes in very handy: Whether the cause of the breakdown is a dead battery or punctured tyre, they provide 24/7 assistance and will get your vehicle fixed and running again.

Or perhaps younger drivers about to embark on such long-distance journeys will want to get everything in their car checked out and fixed before leaving. Again this is where Mobile Mechanics would come in very handy, especially with their 20,000km guarantee, meaning if you breakdown before the car hits 20,000 kilometres you don’t have to pay for the recovery and fixing of it.


For many young drivers – not just international but also domestic Australians – getting a vehicle registration and insurance might be a little bit daunting and time consuming. If their car is second hand and hasn’t been used for some time, the new owners will need to get a ‘blue slip’ where the vehicle hasn’t been registered for more than 3 months needs a comprehensive safety check before being registered. Also, they will need to transfer their registration within 14 days of purchasing their new car (if it was bought in New South Wales).

All of this complication and hassle can be passed on to Mobile Mechanics so that not only is the car in optimal condition but also all the forms, tests and registration are all in order as well.

With annual membership starting at $165 going up to $383 for the premium coverage, this represents very good value when you consider the huge distances and sometimes very harsh terrains and weather that you will eventually find in Australia. Having mobile mechanics is almost essential in long journeys such as road trips, holidays and for visiting family.

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