Secrets to Having a Great Family Staycation


Family holidays are something that everybody looks forward to each year when your kids can indulge in their school breaks, and you can take some time off work to relax. However, they can become expensive when you consider peak flight prices and bustling hotels, and this can, unfortunately, mean that you skip the family holiday for that year. However, all hope is not lost, as people are discovering how they can have their dream getaways in their home country at a reduced cost. You may be unsure of how you can do this and keep everyone in the family happy, but there are many hints and tricks you can follow to ensure everyone has the time of their lives.

Go cross country

The biggest misconception about staycations is that you need to stay near your home to have it, but this is certainly not the case. In fact, you have a whole country at your fingertips that you can spend your time exploring, where there is much more variation than your local resort. Doing this can still save you time on flights, as you can drive to your chosen destination in little time if you choose the right one. However, it may be that your car doesn’t fit your whole family in, or that it is not up to the journey. In this case, you can look at car rental near me to choose one that gives your family a smooth and safe ride to your next stop.

Explore the natural world

It can be easy to fall into the trap of going to the nearest resort when you are looking for a place to go, but it is likely that your home country is full of the best natural delights that you haven’t discovered yet. From hiking trails to rugged mountains, there will be something that members of your family of all ages can enjoy, and you can even make your trip into a camping one if the weather is good! To get a true holiday feel, you can find campgrounds near beaches, where you can spend your nights in local eateries as you would on any family trip away from home. To find the best natural, family friendly areas to travel to, you can get some inspiration from travelers online, or you can ask people close to you for any places they would recommend.

Do lots of activities

The trick to keeping everyone satisfied on vacation is to fill their time with fun activities. Having a staycation is no exception, as there will be many activities to choose from if you have picked your location wisely. These can range from hiking and cycling to beachside activities like surfing. In any case, such activities will keep your kids from being unhappy, and will also mean you have more time in the evenings to take time to relax by yourself or with a partner. On rainy days, you should consider activities like baking or trips to local museums, where you can still make the most of your time together as a family.

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