The Best Kinds of Fireworks: Your Guide to Hosting an Explosive Party

You’re hosting a get-together for Bonfire Night, or you’re thinking of throwing a New Year’s Eve party. Whatever big event you have planned, there’s one question you need to know the answer to: what are the best kinds of fireworks you can let off to impress your guests?

With so many different types of fireworks to choose from these days – from handheld Sparklers you can help kids enjoy in the back garden, to explosive Catherine Wheels popular at big public firework displays –, picking the best kinds of fireworks for your party takes a little research.

First things first, you need to get clued up on what’s out there. On this page, you’ll see a list of the best kinds of fireworks available. This list includes Roman Candles, Chrysanthemums, Horsetail Shells, Rockets and more.

Once you know what all your options are – and picked out a few you think would be awesome for your party –, we suggest next having a look at the safety guidelines for each specific kind. Figure out if you have enough room to let them off in your garden. And if this is your first time launching your own fireworks, find out if they’re suitable for beginners.

We hope you find just the fireworks that are going to help your party go off with a bang. And if you need something that’s going to get you into the party spirit before your guests arrive, why not check out the range of firework-themed online slot machine games ready to play at all the best casino sites?

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