The Guide to shipping your car with personal items in it

Can you definitely ship personal items in your car?

Unfortunately, this is an answer that depends on circumstance. Some car shipping companies have strict policies against customers shipping personal items in their cars while others allow it on a regular basis. However, it is also up to the discretion of your particular auto transport driver as well. Only that this additional service would be adjusted into a customized Car shipping quote.

Most drivers have no issue with a customer shipping personal items with their vehicle. Although some do not like it because they have had negative experiences in the past. Most of the time these negative experiences are something along the lines of these items getting damaged and an angry customer accusing the driver of being the direct cause of the damage to their item. However, on rare occasions, people will try to ship illicit materials, such as fireworks. The driver is then at risk of being fined by the police.

Why it is a good idea not to ship personal items with your car

In the end, you should try and do whatever you can in order to avoid shipping any personal items with your car. This is because any insurance you get for your car shipment will only cover the car itself, any personal items that you have inside of the car will not be covered by the insurance if they are lost or damaged.

That definition of “personal items” includes sunglasses, CDs, bags, jewelry etc. In fact, anything that is not permanently attached to the car is not considered part of the car and thus will not be covered by any insurance.

Tips for shipping personal items with your car

You can likely ship some personal items in your car as you ship it. However, there will be a few rules that you will need to follow in order to be able to do so:

    • Keep it low – Any objects that you are shipping with your vehicle must be kept below the window line, no exceptions.
    • Discuss it before you book your shipment – You absolutely should not just assume that you will be allowed to ship personal items with your car. Always ask about this when you are booking your shipment.
    • Watch the weight – Most car shipping companies will limit you to seventy-five or a hundred pounds of personal items during your vehicle’s transport. This is another thing that you should ask about when you are initially booking your shipment.
    • Understand damage and theft are real risks – Unfortunately, things like bumps in the road do exists. So, as a result damage to your items is a possibility as well.
    • Nothing illegal – This goes without saying, but it is worth a reminder that you cannot ship anything that is illegal such as fireworks or narcotics.


Choosing to ship personal items with your vehicle can make your life a little bit easier. However, doing so comes with a certain level of risk. These items can end up getting lost or damaged. The inside of your car can also suffer damage from these items during the transport process. We do not recommend that you ship any personal items with your vehicle as a result of this. Although, if you do make sure that you discuss it with your auto transport company first.

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