The Importance of Travel for Young Developing Minds

The human mind is one of the most malleable and incredible living masterpieces in the world. The young mind of a child is particularly impressionable and is continually growing and being shaped by its environment, by its experiences. The human brain is a muscle, so it is constantly growing, but the younger the human brain is, the more open it is to new developments. As a result, it is no wonder that travel is pertinent for the growth of a child’s mind and will help in leading them to be a well-rounded human being. While there are always reasons not to travel, such as dealing with 24 Hour title loans or limited finances, there are many more, strong reasons to see the world in your younger years.

  1. New Languages – Learning a new language is one of the greatest perks of traveling, especially when one is young. Immersing oneself in a new way of speaking creates connections, both in the brain and across cultural divides. Being able to experience a new way of life by engaging in a new language decreases the unknown and increases understanding. Learning a new language is a great reason to and benefit from traveling the world, and it is one that will have a lasting impact on the young, developing mind.
  2. Cuisine – Trying new foods is a great reason to travel the world. Fostering an appreciation for local agriculture and methods of cooking broadens one’s perspective and palette at the same time! In addition to creating food for thought, trying new cuisines can cultivate an appreciation for the delicate ecosystems across the world and create connections between cultures previously separated at the table.
  3. Cultures – Cultivating an appreciation for cultures different from our own is crucial for the developing mind. By immersing oneself in new cultures, a greater understanding of the world around us can unfold. New ideas can flourish as a result of exposure to that which is unknown to us, and by exposing oneself to a new way a life, that person is also opening the door to new innovations and ideas.
  4. Nature – Not everyone’s backyard looks the same, and traveling to new parts of the world can teach this to the young, developing mind. Catching a glimpse of what the world physically looks like on different parts of the globe can alter the way people perceive the world for the better. Traversing the desert for the first time, exploring the wet wilderness of the rainforests, or witnessing the great expanse of the frozen tundra can be life altering and can foster a sense of wonder and responsibility for the earth on which we live.
  5. Appreciation – By traveling to new parts of the world, home will be become that much sweeter upon returning. Experiencing different parts of the world teaches young minds how other individuals live and navigate through life. This new perspective often translates into gratitude and a deeper investment in one’s own community, which can have immeasurable positive impacts on both the individual and their community.

The importance of traveling while young cannot be overemphasized. The young mind of a child is open and vulnerable in the best possible ways. Because the young mind is still developing, visiting other places around the world can help one establish their identity in a way that is mindful and compassionate for others. Traveling creates  to the rest of the world that are not easily severed by distance or time.

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