Things to Do on Vacation in Grand Junction, CO

The area in and around Grand Junction in Colorado has so much going for it. There is lots of natural splendor to enjoy in every direction, plenty of history with paleontological digs to partake in, or you can just get out on the mighty Colorado River to cool down. Really, it’s up to you what you wish to do while there on vacation.

Here are a few suggestions for when you are on vacation in Grand Junction, CO.

James M. Robb Colorado River State Park

The James M Robb Colorado River State Park is an interesting place to visit for a day or more. There are campgrounds and full hookups for people traveling in an RV or camper. It’s an ideal spot to do some hiking around, as there’s good terrain for walking and plenty of hills to work up a sweat too.

The place is pet-friendly, so dogs can be walked on a leash and they may get a chance to chase after the plentiful birdlife too. Nearby is a fishing lake, a picnic spot, a playground for the kids, and a boat ramp if you’re pulling a boat behind your vehicle.

Standup Paddle Boarding on the Colorado River

Whether you just like the water or you’re wanting to mix up your yoga routine, getting out on the river with a standup paddleboard (SUP) is a fun way to enjoy the place. The relative calm of the river water is ideal for a SUP because you can stand without dealing with the volatile waves on the open water. Sitting on the board with your legs in the water and paddling along is also an option for beginners who don’t want to have to focus too much on maintaining their balance.

SUP Yoga is now a thing too. When you’ve become reasonably proficient with your balancing on the board, try getting into a few different yoga poses. While holding a pose may not much harder than normal, the transition from one yoga pose to the next is where it really becomes a challenge! Rapid Creek Cycles and Paddleboards in Palisade is worth checking out for their rental SUPs.

Museum of the West

While in Colorado, it doesn’t make sense to miss out on seeing the Museum of the West. There’s such a rich history of the Wild West and related activity in Colorado, that it’s well worth a visit. Also, there are several other museums too, depending on the interests of your group or family. There’s the Dinosaur Journey in Fruita and a Paleontology Expeditions, both of which are open to kids to join in too.

Getting Your Eyes Done While in Colorado

If you’re someone who’s so busy during the week that you don’t have time to see the optometrist, then it’s a perfect opportunity to leave the rest of the family enjoying a local activity while you take an appointment to get checked out.

Do you already know that you want Lasik surgery? Then Icon Lasik Grand Junction has an office right in Grand Junction. They have the latest Intralase Lasik, NIDEK, and Wavefront Laser systems, so they can use just the right state-of-the-art equipment for each Lasik operation. It’s usually best if you have a second person traveling with you who can drive you back, thus giving your eye(s) time to adjust after a Lasik treatment.

Whatever you choose to do in Grand Junction, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. Anyone who likes camping or spending time in the outdoors will never be bored in this part of western Colorado.

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