Things To Know Before Travelling To Jeddah

Being the second largest city in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is considered to be the economic hub of the country because of its proximity with the sea port. Jeddah is one of the main parts of the Islamic city but is also the pot of different cultures.  The city is bustling with souks, markets and museums that is a famous tourist attraction. The hustling and bustling souks have several shops that sell things from fresh produce to accessories and fashions.

Pack the right clothing to Jeddah

The rules about dressing is a little more relaxed in this city in compared to other places in Saudi Arabia but it is still best to avoid wearing any shorts for both men and women. However, pack clothing that will avoid drawing of any kind of attention for a safe stay. Skinny jeans are not advisable for women even if they are ankle length. Pack western clothes that are full length and light colours. It is not compulsory for women to wear head scarfs but pack them in order to protect yourself from the scorching heat. Do not pack any kind of alcoholic beverage or books and symbols of other religions.

It is the closest a non-Islamic person can get to Mecca because any other religion follower is not allowed to enter Mecca. Respecting the religious believers of the people is extremely important as you are guests in their country. Non-Muslim people live in Jeddah but they cannot publicly worship which has drawn criticism from other parts of the world.

Preparing For Your Trip To Jeddah

There are several flights that travel to Jeddah which can be easily booked online. Making حجز طيران رخيص is not very difficult these days. It is said that April is the most expensive month for flight booking while September has relatively cheaper flight tickets. Choosing a date in September is the best option. Booking a couple of months in advance can help you in making good flight reservations and things might turn out well if you can manage to befriend a budget airline. Always choose budget airlines while travelling to a foreign country if you are on a budget trip. Other than this, booking flights in the morning can also e cheaper as the price increases as the day moves on.

Things To Do In Jeddah

Other than this, there are several places to visit and cuisines to indulge in Mecca. The top five museums; Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum portrays Islamic heritage, Jeddah Sculpture Museum displays garden art, Athr Gallery is a brilliant place of contemporary art, Nesma Art has intuitive art and Arabian Wings gallery is a museum with art for all ages.

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Travelling around in Jeddah is completely safe as the city is extremely tourist friendly. The only important thing like any other country is to follow the laws and regulation of the city. There are several top-rated hotels in Jeddah that are budget friendly. Make reservations in advance to avoid any kind of price hike.

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