Three Reasons to Holiday in the UK

When daydreaming about where you should go on holiday this year, the UK might not be the first location that springs to mind, but there are hundreds of reasons why you should consider this country for your next vacation. While there may be too many reasons to list, you need to know where to start to get you inspired to visit the beautiful British Isles. To help you out, this handy guide will walk you through three of the biggest and, by the end, you will be convinced that the UK is right for you and your family to visit on your next trip.

The stunning coast

The first reason you should visit the UK is its amazing coastlines. Going for a retreat to the beach is not something people outside the UK might associate with this holiday destination, but Britain is actually home to some of the best beaches in the world. Places such as Weston-super-Mare in Somerset offer gorgeous beaches, traditional fish and chip restaurants only a short walk from the seafront, donkey rides, and a Victorian style pier with a first-class arcade inside. Another beach you could check out is Thornwick Bay beach, located near Edinburgh, Scotland, which is perfect if you want nothing more than a more relaxed, quieter experience, with wonderful views of both the sea and the stunning cliff that looms over your head. A great thing about visiting beaches in the UK is that you can use Coast Radar to find the one which is best suited to your needs and tailor your holiday around a brilliant destination.

The beautiful countryside

Another reason why holidaying in the UK is something you have to put on your bucket list is the countryside. There are loads of reasons why you should explore the countryside as the UK boasts stunning landscapes with rolling hills, perfect for those who love gentle hiking. You will get to see the wide variety of wildlife that is protected in these countryside walks. When exploring the rural parts of the UK, you can pay a visit to some of the quaint, traditional villages and have afternoon tea before walking through the cobbled streets back to a period, rented cottage. It is the perfect way to spend a romantic weekend with someone special and get back in touch with nature, taking a break from the bustle of modern life.

The rich history

A final reason you should definitely check out the UK for your next holiday is the many places of historical interest you can visit during your stay. One place you need to visit is Stonehenge, which is one of the twenty UNESCO world heritage sites that the UK has to offer. Stonehenge was constructed in approximately 2500 BC and it is one of the earliest human-made creations to be still standing today, making it an amazing destination for a day trip.

The UK truly has something for everyone so that you can be sure to find something you and your partner or family will love.

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