Timber Floors, a Classic Look for 2021

It is the general consensus that timber flooring is definitely a timeless and remarkable way of setting the foundation of a room. Despite seeing a steep drop in commodity prices at the beginning of the year, we are now seeing a rise in demand for lumber globally. In any case, you should definitely check out some insights below on the benefits of having timber floors and decking, plus the main colour and style trends for 2021.

Darker hues were very popular in the past decade, but nowadays the trend has moved towards lighter tones. In terms of colours, there is also a shift happening from grey tones towards beige and tan tones that are still very versatile and comfortable looking. You can also find different combinations and intricate patterns of dark and light timber floors that will make your room stand out.

Many people nowadays are opting for having light stains or even unstained floors. This alternative will end up saving costs, when taking timber prices into consideration, but will also look very uniform and provide a relaxing environment. The current wood choices are European white oak, yellow oak and brown walnut, which can also be stained to achieve different tones and looks.

In terms of finishing, you can opt for wire brushing, that will create a slightly rustic and unfinished texture, exposing the heartwood on your floor. This technique also makes long-term maintenance easier by hiding dirt and marks along the natural imperfections of this flooring option.

Another thing to consider is the wood planks size. Longer and wider planks are the current fashion, creating an expansive and truly timeless environment. Keep in mind that bigger planks of any type of wood will usually set for higher timber prices, due to the larger material and labour costs.

Narrower floor planks are also a contemporary alternative for timber flooring that are easier to maintain as there are more boards in the floor, meaning less space for each individual plank to expand and contract with humidity. Which will cause less warping and cupping in the long term. Still, installation costs can be higher than longer planks because of the time and practice it takes to place them.

For external areas, such as pools and backyards, we are seeing a trend in timber decking that is actually shifting away from the traditional rustic look and towards a more modern industrial style. This is achieved by combining your timber decking with stamped concrete, steel and glass accents and details. An up-to-date and sophisticated lighting setup will also go along well with this design option. This overall design can today be found at the external areas of many modern pizzerias, breweries and art galleries.

In terms of colours, blue and grey finishing are still the main trend to go for in your timber decking, but other colours should be taken in consideration as well, depending on what you are intending to achieve with your design choice. Good luck with your next timber flooring project!



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