Tips For Beginner Surfers

Thinking of getting into surfing but don’t know where to start? Below are some simple surfing tips for beginners. 

Find A Good Surf School Or Teacher

When first learning to surf you’ll want to start by looking for a good surf school like Experienced surfers make it look easy but don’t be fooled, it’s much more difficult than you think. 

If you can’t get access to a surf school or teacher your next best bet is to try and ask a friendly local surfer. 

If you reserve a surf lesson, do research on your instructor in advance to ensure he or she has a lot of experience and good reviews. 

Start With The Right Board

Soft-top surfboards can be useful in the learning process for some beginners. When falling, a large soft-top surfboard should be gentle on your body for when you eventually fall. 

In addition to improved paddling and wave catching capabilities, longer boards have a greater volume and width to try and stand on. 

With waist-high waves, longboarding is ideal. Its stability makes it easier to stand up for the first time and it makes maneuvering on it much easier. 

Even the most advanced surfers enjoy longboarding when the waves aren’t pumping. 

Start On Land Before Hitting The Small Waves

Those epic big wave pictures taken by professionals look amazing but make no mistake, most professionals started learning on land. 

Of course you can still take a happy snap with an analog camera from an Analog Camera Company like the one here. 

Good teachers will start you off on land first practicing paddling techniques, advancing to the stand up process. Only when they are confident you have this skill down pat will they take you in the water. 

Once ready to get in the water, start with small waves out of the way of the big boys and girls. 

It’s a pet peeve of experienced surfers when newbies get in their way. Not only is it annoying, but it’s also very dangerous. 

Always Use The Board Leash

More of a safety recommendation than a tip, a surf leash can save your life, so be sure you have one. 

It may take you some time to get used to it, it might even get in your way a few times but, they are a necessity.

Don’t Bend Your Back

The key to riding your waves consistently is using your knees. Avoid bending your back, If you do, you’ll not only lose your balance, you’re more likely to fall over and over again. 

Take Your Time

Choosing a beach suitable for beginners is critical to your surfing success. Go to a beach known for good consistent waves. 

Your progress will be quicker with more time spent on the board. Stick with the basics and before you know it, you’ll be there with the big boys. 

Once you get into the water, you will need to pace yourself. Surfing is exciting but if you don’t pace yourself, you can risk injury. 

Remember, you have all the time in the world to learn to surf. The right way!

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