Top Betting Tips To Enhance Your Chances of Success

If you are looking to bash the bookies then there are some golden rules which you should always try and stick to. Regardless of whether you are betting on the Premier League football, the Challenge Cup or the Aintree Grand National, having a strategy and some rules which you keep to, can greatly help you to make as much money as possible from gambling.

Having gambled for quite some time now, with some solid success, I wanted to share with you my top tips on how you can best win money at the bookies, regardless of what you bet on.

Know The Sport

One of my big no-no’s is betting on a sport which I know nothing about. Occasionally I will make an exception to this if there is a promotion on at the bookies, or perhaps if it is just for a bit of fun such as the Super Bowl or the Grand National. The fact of the matter is that bookies don’t always get their odds right, and they are experts in a huge number of sports, if they can’t get it right with knowledge, you surely can’t without it.


There are football games or other sporting events when the form book goes right out of the window, in most cases however, it is worth paying attention to. Gut feelings and ‘fancy’ only gets you so far in gambling and that is why it is vitally important that you do your homework before you place a single bet. There is plenty of information out there on form in all sports, study it well before placing a bet.

Profit is Money

I am often stunned by the attitudes of some of my friends who bemoan losing their original stake, far more than they would do when they lose profit. For example a friend of mine recently lost £100 on a bet and was unmoved by this given that he had won £123 the week before. Don’t fall into this trap of thinking that you can risk profit more than your original stake, it is all money, and it is all worth the same.

No Tips

There are tips everywhere from the woman down the pub to some guy online, my advice would be to ignore them all. Assuming that you understand the sport that you’re betting on, and that you have done your homework, you don’t need anyone to give you advice which could change your mind.

Stick to these golden rules and you’ll be bookie bashing in no time.

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