Top Things to Do When Travelling to Canada

There are many choices for people travelling to the second largest country on earth. There are not many places that have as much variety and natural beauty that Canada does, either, and you can take in the tides at the Bay of Fundy or revel in the rare temperate rain forests that dot the West Coast as you please, with choices of almost everything under the sun before you.

Getting to know the real Canada will have you exploring all the places between these two examples: you can enjoy the prairie provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan and indulge in the majesty of the Canadian Rockies, and can rest assured that you will struggle to run out of things to do.

Take a Look at the Niagara Falls from Canada

Across the border from the Niagara Falls are the Horseshoe Falls, and these make the American Falls look small! They are named for shape created by Mother Nature, and are an awesome thing to behold. The Skylon Tower provides excellent fare alongside its 360-degree panoramic view of the area, so be sure to make a reservation before you go. These Falls are such a short ride from Canada that it really is a must-see.

Keep Your Travel Stress-Free

As you travel about this beautiful country be sure to take plenty of books, your tablet or smartphone, and comfy clothes to ensure you arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy the sights! The long distances will fly by if you are properly prepared, and spending a little time at the Lucky Nugget casino Canada makes available online may well see you arriving at your destination with a little extra money to spend!

Quirky Quebec Province Will Keep You Entertained

If you are interested in unique and interesting cultures, the Quebecois will be happy to usher you in. Take in the vibrant art, fabulous food, and incredible music of this French Canadian province, and if you can speak the language you will be able to delve even deeper. Montreal is the second biggest French-speaking city in the world, ranking right after Paris, and is considered by many to be the American version of that famous town. If you are a history buff be sure and drop in at Quebec City, too, and see the only city in North America that remains stone-walled.

Take in Toronto’s Sights and Sounds

Toronto is one of the most cultured and sophisticated cities in the world, and remains a top attraction for tourists visiting Canada. There is almost every culture under the sun in this diverse metropolis, and the riot of entertainment, art, fashion, and cuisine has travellers returning time and time again.

The summer festivals that take place in Toronto are not to be missed either, with the city erupting in entertainment on a near-constant level. Some of the biggest jamborees in the world are held right here too, with Caribana, another not-to-be-missed event in Canada, being the third-largest Caribbean carnival in the world!

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