Top Tips to Settling in Vietnam

Settling in a new country is quite a task. You might have to learn a new language, interact with unique culture and every unfamiliar aspect of the new life. If you are moving to Vietnam, these are some tips to help you settle quickly.

Get the Right Visa

Before moving to Vietnam, you need the right visa that allows you to stay in the country. The Vietnam visa you apply for depends on the nature of your travel and the expected stay duration. If you are visiting the country for less than 30 days, then you need a single-entry tourist visa. Otherwise, if you are seeking to run a business, you must provide an official entry clearance and your sponsor clearance. A business visa allows you a stay of up to one year with several entries.

Government officials from foreign countries are eligible for the diplomatic and official visas issued after submitting a formal government letter.

Create Local Ties

Even though Vietnam is a friendly country that is easy to navigate for a visitor, you need local people to help you through. With the help of a local partner, you can easily understand the places to visit, where to stay, among other helpful information. If you are planning to start a business in the country, you also need a local partner to help you with the taxes, business registration and hiring.

Join Expat Groups

Interacting with people who have been in a similar situation as you allow you to learn how to settle. Vietnam has a vibrant expat community that cooperates to give you all the essential information on settling and living in the country. The expat community will help you locate the foreign-friendly schools, shopping malls and other facilities.

Learn the Local Culture

There is nothing that promises you a fun and interactive stay in Vietnam than learning the local culture. Take the earliest period to understand as much as possible about the country’s history, people and language. Showing genuine interest in the local culture will endure you more to the people. Also, learn to embrace food and other practices.

Pack for the Weather

Before moving to Vietnam, you must understand the prevailing weather. Located within the tropical monsoon, the country is generally warm throughout the year. It experiences periods of rainy seasons and hotter weather. Look up the expected weather conditions when you are travelling. It allows you to pack the right clothing for your comfort and protection.

Find the Right Neighborhood

Where you stay in Vietnam is one of the most important details when you come to Vietnam. The country has a high-end property sector with several homes to choose from. If you are looking for comfortable and relaxed neighbours, consider the suburbs, which are a hit among the expats. For the fun and culture, consider moving to the regular communities with the local population.


Settling in Vietnam is quite easy. That is not to say you will not experience some challenges. Creating the right local ties, joining expat groups and learning the local culture allows you the ultimate experience. You are also better off with the correct visa and finding the ideal residence.

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