Top Ways To Make Money While Travelling

Travelling is always an exciting time in people’s lives – and many people these days take the opportunity to go off travelling for months, sometimes years at a time. Indefinite travelling is the dream for many – working on the road on your laptop, being totally location independent and without needing to be tied down to one city or country. It sounds ideal doesn’t it? But how can you make it happen? What are some jobs you can do on the road from your laptop that will make you money to enable you to stay out on your trip longer – if not indefinitely? Check out these great suggestions below and how you can get started building your travel empire today!

Playing Games Online

Believe it or not, playing games online can be a great way to make extra money while you’re travelling. If you’re the type who always likes to have a go at bingo, online slots, blackjack or other games, continuing your gaming on the road can still pay off. Novibet slots for example is a great way to get your slot gaming in with the real potential to make money, just remember to keep a pot of money by specifically for gaming and use only that. Many find setting a monthly allowance for this type of thing is the ideal way for it to not eat into your savings.


Freelancing is gaining speed these days and it’s no wonder. It allows you to work on your own time, to your own schedule and as much or as little as you want. The key to freelancing and making it a success is to find a skill you possess that’s marketable. Graphic design is one of the best examples of a skill that can be freelanced through sites like Fiverr, Elance, Upwork and more. Whether you can do editing, translation, data entry or more, any kind of skill that can be done online can be done on a freelance basis.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are a great way to make a bit of extra money through promoting products you know and love. The link is placed on your blog or website to promote a specific product and when people purchase that product through your site, you get a portion of money for helping spread the word. Try to focus on adding links that are relevant to your life, the lives of your readers and the general theme of your site. For example, if you love working out, you could find an affiliate for a great reusable water bottle that you can promote.


Let’s face it – have blog, will travel. Or something like that. The more content you create for an awesome blog and the more readership you produce, the higher the chances are that you can sell things like adspace and sponsored posts. Some blogs that have been around for several years generate thousands in advertising a month, which means serious cash in the bank for you for doing something you love!

So if you’re hitting the road soon, consider one of these top ways to make money on the road and beyond. With so many cool options these days it’s no wonder more people are taking the opportunity to travel when it presents itself. Good luck!

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