Travel Nursing Companies Create Great Opportunities for Nurses

What would we do without quality nurses? They provide one of the most vital services in modern society and they do it with a smile and level of caring that few can even think to offer. With the reality that populations in nearly every country around the world are getting older, nurses have become even more needed. And as the world continues to age, because of improved lifestyles, advances in medicine and better diets, nurses will become even more at the center of everyone’s lives.

In many western countries there is a great shortage of medical professionals. This includes everyone from doctors to medical technicians and particularly registered nurses. This shortage is particularly great in Western Europe and the United States where life expectancy continues to climb creating millions more elderly people. Yes the elderly have become more active, but they all eventually slow down requiring more medical care.

As a result, a growing industry is travel nursing, managed by travel nursing companies who provide the work and manage the entire process for travel nurses. In doing so they create great work opportunities for nurses who would consider traveling for their work.

What are the requirements to become a travel nurse?

Travel nurses need to have specific degrees, training, and availability in order to be hired for these jobs. If they can meet the requirements, they will be hired to travel to different locations and provide nursing services. These locations might be within a country or in another country and the nurse will often have the opportunity to pick from great jobs at home or abroad. Travel nurses will need to fit the following description:

Have no Criminal Record – Travel nurses will be entrusted with working in environments that require they be trustworthy. Additionally for international travel, many of the countries will require that the nurse does not have a criminal record. For this reason, a travel nursing agency will not engage a nurse with a criminal record.

Be a Registered Nurse – All nurse applicants should have at least an RN degree from a credible college. Although you will be qualified for better, higher paying positions if you have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from a reputable university like Gwynedd Mercy

A Good Work History – A nurse should be able to show a demonstrated track record of being a good nurse. This means that you must have a work history. One year is the minimum and longer is better. Any derogatory marks on your work record will not be looked at favorably. Working a long period of time successfully at one hospital or clinic is optimal.

Ability to be Registered Where you Want to Work – Travel nurses must qualify as nurses where the y are assigned. Many countries have different criteria about who they will allow to work as a nurse and not all nurses will qualify. There may be additional certifications needed for a nurse to work in a desired location and these certifications may take time to acquire. Be prepared to travel.

Travel Nursing Companies

If you meet the above criteria, you are a perfect candidate for a travel nurse. Travel nursing companies who arrange the jobs and take care of all details including:

  • The specific job
  • The length of the contract
  • Housing in the target destination
  • Pay
  • Other benefits
  • Travel to and from
  • All necessary small details about the job.

Pay for travel nurses are usually at or near the top end for nurses in the countries where they work. Reputable travel nursing companies provide great job opportunities for those nurses looking to travel.

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