Where Do Most Tourists Go on an African Vacation?

If you have always wanted to see Africa, you may wonder where to set your sights. To determine your ultimate destination, it helps to learn more about the more popular destinations. The following list will help you make up your mind.

Morocco – The Most Visited African Country

As of September 2020, Morocco ranks as number one among the most visited countries in Africa. In fact, just over 12 million visitors journeyed to the country in 2019. This African getaway is unlike any other destination in the world, as it offers colors and a flavor that are both spicy and tangy. You can also find plenty of sweet pastries to round out the day.

People who choose Morocco often visit Marrakech, which can be described as both charismatic and chaotic. Fes, another Moroccan stronghold, is like Marrakech – steeped in history. Also, don’t forget to travel to Casablanca, the country’s largest city. Another place of note is the beach town of Essaouira, which combines all the delights associated with Northern Africa and accents them with a touch of European charm.

Egypt – #2 on the List of Most Visited Countries

Like Morocco, Egypt allows the traveler to escape from the hum-drum and find themselves in a place that allows them to get away to another time and place. According to World of Wanderlust site, about 11.3 million visitors travelled to Egypt last year. If you have not already guessed, the pyramids are the main draw. After all, you really cannot see this stuff in any other part of the world. Seeing the ancient landmarks is certainly what most people would add to a comprehensive bucket list.

#3 – South Africa

While South Africa may be third on the list of most-visited African countries, it remains number one on any list for people who love safaris. About 10.5 million people visited South Africa in 2019. Moreover, according to Forbes online, the most popular safari destination is Kruger National Park.

This is where you can spot the big five, or the leopard, lion, black or white rhino, Cape buffalo, and African elephant. What makes travel even easier is the fact that the Skukuza Airport sits inside the park, so you can go on a safari pretty easily.

If you are a first time Safari-goer, you may be interested in flying to Skukuza and driving to the Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, or accessing the reserve via its private air strip. This is a better destination to pick if you want to avoid the crowds at Greater Kruger National Park. Sabi Sabi sits on a border in Kruger Park and features four lodges that provide accommodations for safari travelers.

South Africa is also home to casino gambling. You can find gambling entertainment in popular casinos, such as Sun City, Gold Reef City, Montecasino, and Kempton Park. If you cannot find time to gamble at one of the country’s casinos, you can always go online and play.

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The #4 Ranked Country – Tunisia

The fourth most popular country among visitors is Tunisia, which lies in northern Africa. It receives about 8.3 million visitors annually. People love Tunisia, as it offers what many can find in Morocco, except it is more affordable. Tunisia, with its hot Saharan climate, is also a short jaunt from many major European cities.

#5 – Zimbabwe

You’ll find many good reasons to see Zimbabwe, but most people visit the country to go on safari or visit Victoria Falls. Located in southern Africa, Zimbabwe, like South Africa, has its share of people who want to go on safari. They also migrate to the country to see the world’s largest cascade, known as Victoria Falls. In either case, you will experience a one-of-a-kind holiday.

What countries do you like the best? While the above list is not comprehensive, it will give you an idea of what you might expect if you choose to visit the African continent. Whether you want to escape to a one-of-kind destination or wish to experience a unique adventure, you won’t be disappointed by what Africa has to offer.

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