Why a Lake Cabin Vacation Can Be a Great Choice if Your Family are Hesitant to Try a Camping Trip!

Choosing the style of vacation to take as a family can be hard if you all have different preferences. If you love the idea of a camping trip out in the wild but your teenage kids can’t bear the idea of being away from wi-fi, or you have a young son or daughter you don’t think is ready for camping yet, it can seem like a wonderful family bonding experience out in nature might be off of the cards. However, a good happy medium that will satisfy anybody in your group who isn’t keen on the idea of sleeping under canvas but will still allow you to enjoy all of the traditional outdoor fun of a camping trip, is to stay in a modern lake cabin for your vacation.

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Here are some of the reasons why this can be a highly suitably style of family getaway, no matter how much you might all disagree on whether or not a camping trip would be fun:

A Good Way to Enjoy a Relaxing Natural Setting at Any Time of Year

One of the things that puts a lot of people off camping is that the weather can have such a big impact on how enjoyable it is. However, when you stay in a cabin you can enjoy your natural surroundings, for example the lake and forest at Birch Forest Lodge, whatever time of year it is. If you want to enjoy the outdoors in the fall but don’t want to have to worry about staying dry, then this can be a wonderful way to do it, or, when summer is at its peak you can choose a cabin with air conditioning so that you can stay cool at night.

Access to All Mod Cons

Another aspect of camping that is not for everyone is having to do things like cook and wash using camping gear instead of the things they are used to. Staying in a cabin can mean having access to everything up to a dishwasher and microwave, though of course you can still eat outside if you want to! You’ll also have one or more suitable bathrooms for your family to use, so even if someone can’t stand the idea of being away from their hairdryer for their vacation, they’ll be happy!

Plenty of Outdoor Activities

While staying in a cabin reduces some of the perceived discomfort that some people don’t like about camping, it doesn’t take away the enjoyment of being able to do things like go fishing, hiking, boating and other enjoyable outdoor pursuits on your vacation. In fact, if you choose a location with these facilities, it can actually be even easier to do these things as you’ll have plenty of room in your cabin to store stuff like your own fishing gear and outdoor clothing.

If you would love to spend your vacation camping but can’t get your family to agree, choosing a cabin based vacation by a lake can be the ideal compromise for everyone!

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