• Almost Wordless Wednesday-Camping Families Are Well-Rounded

    Did you know that camping families are well-rounded?  Of course you did!  So today, on Almost Wordless Wednesday, we are discussing some of the cool attributes of camping families. Camping families are DIY'ers.  We love finding easy, efficient and economical ways to enjoy the outdoors.  Most of the time that means watching for sales and coming up with some clever ideas on how to replace expensive gear and make camping more enjoyable (have you seen my post on Foam Floor Read More

    Almost Wordless Wednesday-Camping Families Are Well-Rounded
  • Hawaiian Burger Recipe for Camping

    Our Hawaiian Burger recipe is easy, unique and delicious.  It makes a wonderful addition to our list of camping recipes. Our Hawaiian Burger recipe was created by my hubby for our 4th of July cookout when he noticed King's Hawaiian Hamburger Buns in our grocery store.  From there, the idea took off.  You can make it your own by adding your favorite cheese and condiments.  This hamburger is great for camping, picnics or luau parties (why, not). The sweet buns along with Read More

    Hawaiian Burger Recipe for Camping
  • A Little Campy Lightning Bug Research Team

    Today, I am introducing A Little Campy Lightning Bug Research Team.  I'm so excited about this project as we use our Little Campy Community to do more than educate, inform and entertain.  Now, we can use our community to make a difference in our world. Lightning bugs are little camping mascots who usher in our nights with their sweet little flashes of light.  Camping just wouldn't be the same without these wonderful creatures. But...are the fireflies disappearing?  That's Read More

    A Little Campy Lightning Bug Research Team

Yurt Camping

Yurt Alert- Camping Fun Ahead

Today, we are issuing a yurt alert.  That's right, camping fun is ahead.  So if you have been considering yurt camping, proceed with caution unbridled Read More

Easy Grilled Pizza Recipes for Camping

Our Favorite Grilled Pizza Recipes

Our favorite grilled pizza recipes are easy and fun for the whole family.  Even my kids who would eat hot dogs every night while camping have been won over by Read More

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Coghlan's Camping Dishes

Coghlan’s Camper’s Tableware Set

Today, I am sharing my review of Coghlan’s Camper’s Tableware Set.  I’ve been wanting to get some camping dishes for awhile now, so when I was offered the opportunity to review this set…well, let’s just say it was a no-brainer. Features of Coghlan’s Camper’s Tableware Set Made from polypropylene Dishwasher and microwave safe Plastic will […]

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Apple Dumpling Recipe for Camping

Dutch Oven Dessert- Campy Dad’s Apple Dumpling Recipe

Looking for a Dutch oven dessert for your next camping trip? Well, we’ve got you covered. Today, we are sharing the Campy Dad’s Apple Dumpling recipe. Yumm!

Past Posts

Downside of camping

The Downside of Camping

I love camping and all the wonderful activities that accompany it.  But there is a downside of camping which is the part I love most of all.  In a world that is always plugged in and moving at a break-neck pace, camping offers a gentle reprieve.  After all, everyone needs a little downtime. History of […]

DIY Solar Oven for S'mores

DIY Solar Oven for S’mores

Making a DIY solar oven for s’mores is a great summer project for kids.  It combines all the things we love- the outdoors, crafts, science and chocolate.  My daughter made one at school and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  My kids and I spent the afternoon making s’mores.  Here’s how we […]

Let's Go Out For Dinner

Almost Wordless Wednesday- Let’s Go Out For Dinner

We’re like a lot of families.  We love to go out for dinner.  To us, nothing is better than eating in the great outdoors. Reasons to Go OUT for Dinner *Great atmosphere. *No need to dress up.  Attire is casual…extremely casual. *You don’t have to worry about being seated by a crying baby (unless you […]

Looks Like a Good Camping Trip

Almost Wordless Wednesday- Sign of a Fun Camping Trip

How do you know it’s been a fun camping trip?  Well, I guess it’s different for every camping family.  For us, it’s dirty feet.  That’s when you know it’s been an all-out, no cares in the world, good time. What about in your family?  What are some of the tell-tell signs that accompany your best […]

Little Girl Fishing with Ready 2 Fish Fishing Kit

Ready2Fish Complete Fishing Kit Review + Giveaway

As most of you know, my family and I love to fish so when I was given an opportunity to review a Ready2Fish Complete Fishing Kit, I readily agreed. I had never used a Ready2Fish® rod and reel but the Ready2Fish product line really grabbed my attention.  You see, it’s so much more than a […]

School's Out for Summer Camping

School’s Out For Summer Camping

School’s out for summer camping.  Camping families rejoice.  You know what that means. Why We Love Summer Camping Longer camping trips.  WooHoo!  Forget about the long camping weekends.  Bring on the camping weeks.  More time to do all those things you’ve been wanting to do at the campsite. Water activities are back!  Now after a […]

Star Gazing Couple

New Meteor Shower to Kick Off The Summer Camping Season

What better way to kick off the summer camping season than with an all natural light show this Memorial Day Weekend.  A new meteor shower called the Camelopardalids, may turn into a meteor storm. This meteor shower stems from the Comet 209P/LINEAR.  Debris left behind from this comet in the 1800’s may result in the […]

DIY Camping Tent Trailer

DIY Tent Trailer

Let’s face it.  Most campers know how to think outside the box.  It’s part of the camping experience.  We try to do more with less.  So, when I came across this DIY tent trailer during a recent camping trip, I couldn’t help but smile. Sure these folks could’ve bought a tent trailer but that would […]

Cumberland Gap National Park Picnic

Almost Wordless Wednesday- Perfect Picnic Spot

Doesn’t this look like the perfect picnic spot?  Can’t you just imagine throwing a blanket on the ground and sharing a picnic basket full of goodies and an afternoon with someone you love?  Or maybe you would prefer just spending some alone time under this tree with a good book.  Oh, the possibilities… This picture […]

Mosquito Repellents

Are You a Mosquito Magnet? -Infographic

Are You A Mosquito Magnet infographic